Motorcycle Insurance

We understand that your motorcycle is as important to you as your car. It might be ever more important. That’s why you need to make sure that you have the right motorcycle insurance policy. Most insurance companies will allow you to buy a separate insurance plan for your motorcycle. Other companies may offer you a bundled plan.

You shouldn’t pick the first insurance policy you see. You need to do your research. We want you to be able to get to best insurance for the best price. So we’ve put together a list of what you should ask an auto insurance company before settling on a plan. Here it is:

  • Do you bundle vehicles or will I need to get a separate plan for my car and my motorcycle? Different auto insurance companies will offer you different plans. The goal is to make things more simple, not more complicated. You wouldn’t want to insure your car and your house with different companies. Likewise, you don’t want to have to insure your car and your motorcycle with different companies. While some companies may not offer motorcycle insurance, they may be able to cover all of your vehicles under one plan. Make sure to ask what type of motorcycle plans your auto insurance company offers before you make a decision.
  • Do you offer custom plans? Some auto insurance companies may offer you custom plans, while others will only offer set plans. Custom plans will allow you the freedom that you need to get exactly the kind of coverage that you need. Pre-set plans aren’t bad, but they do not offer this flexibility. Make sure whether your insurance company offers custom plans. You will want to look into them, regardless of the type of coverage that you are looking for.
  • How much coverage do you offer? An important aspect to choosing a plan is based on how much coverage will be offered in the event that your motorcycle gets damaged. Typical plans will cover anywhere from $5,000 to over a $100,000 worth of coverage. The more you pay, the more coverage you will acquire. You will want to know the coverage options that your auto insurance company offers, and then weight your pros and cons to determine what amount you require.
  • What types of coverage do you offer? Just like vehicle insurance policies, not all motorcycle insurance policies offer total coverage. You need to ask your insurance company what types of coverage they will offer you. You need to take auto accidents, natural disasters, theft, and vandalism into account when searching for a motorcycle insurance plan. Depending on your location, you may decide that you don’t need total coverage. Be warned that your company will not pay out for anything that is not specifically listed on your policy. Choose wisely.
  • Are there any hidden stipulations or qualifications? This is a tricky one. Some insurance companies may only insure certain types, makes, or models of bikes. Obviously, you need to make sure they will insure your motorcycle before signing anything. Also, insurance companies might only offer you coverage while you don’t go over a certain number of miles. Or they might only pay a percentage of any repair costs. Make sure that you understand your entire policy and any stipulations involved before you decide on a plan.

As always, SOGO is here to help you make sense of the insurance world. We want to make sure that you get the coverage you need, and you deserve. Contact us today for quality service.