Farm and Ranch Insurance

Insurance is not just for your home. If you have a farm or a ranch as a first or second home or your business, you need to make sure that it’s insured. We understand the importance of protecting your livelihood. Traditional home or business insurance may not offer you the type and extent of insurance that you need. Farm and Ranch insurance can protect your buildings, land, and livestock. Here are a few things that you need to know about this type of insurance:

  • Farm and Ranch insurance should cover any building that you have on your property. It’s important that you are prepared for any type of accident or disaster by insuring your farm and ranch buildings. You don’t want your family or your business to have to relocate. Permanent relocation is often not an option for these types of businesses. Acquiring this type of insurance will protect you and your buildings.
  • Many people use land to grow crops or raise livestock. If you are planning on earning your livelihood this way, you need to double check that your insurance to cover anything that might happen. If you are new to this type of business, you might have heard of such a thing as farmer’s insurance that help insure crops. What you might not know is that farm and ranch insurance can also help protect your livestock against liability issues or unexpected mortality, and you can also insure your meat and dairy products.
  • Farm and Ranch insurance will also give you peace of mind when a piece of machinery is broken. You shouldn’t allow one machinery-related incident to halt your whole business. This type of insurance can help you pay for broken machinery. It will also help you pay any legal bills if someone gets hurt on your property.
  • Just like home insurance, farm and ranch insurance can protect all of your personal items. Losing these items can be as devastating as losing your business. Make sure that you keep an inventory of all of the items in your home. This will help your insurer give you’re the proper amount of coverage that you need, and give you and your family the peace of mind that they deserve.

We here at SOGO understand the importance of protecting your farm or ranch. We can help you find the right amount of coverage for your personalize needs. All farm and ranch insurance plans should cover everything we’ve listed above. To make sure that you’re acquiring top quality insurance, make sure to ask your provider these questions:

  • What is the monetary extent of my coverage?
  • Does coverage depend on whether I do or do not live on your farm or ranch property?
  • What is covered under the policy, i.e. livestock, produce, buildings, etc.?
  • Will I have to complete a home inventory to cover my personal belongings?
  • What damage is covered under my policy, i.e. machinery breaking, weather disasters, vandalism, etc.?
  • Do I have liability coverage if someone gets hurt on my property?
  • How can I file a claim and how will claims be handled?
  • Contact SOGO if you need help finding the right insurance policy. We will be more than happy to help you with all of your insurance needs.