Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Recreational Vehicle Insurance is perfect for you if you just bought an RV and you’re ready to take a family vacation over the summer? Or maybe you bought a boat to take your kids out on the lake on weekends. It doesn’t really matter what type of recreational vehicle you bought or why you bought it. They are big investments that you and your family should want to protect.

For many people, recreational vehicle insurance is a luxury. However, if your family can afford to buy a recreational vehicle, you should be able to protect it.

Here are just a few reasons why you need to purchase recreational vehicle insurance:

  • Think of it as an investment:If you don’t protect your recreational vehicles now, you may be out both the vehicle and several hundreds or thousands of dollars it will take to fix it. Insurance will save you money in the long run, and it might not necessarily be that expensive. The type and amount of insurance that you acquire will, of course, be dependent on several factors. However, any type of recreational vehicle insurance will protect the investment that you already made when you bought your family boat, RV, motor home, etc.
  • Prepare for the unexpected: You not only need to protect your investment from the unexpected. You also need to protect your family from accidents or collisions. Recreational vehicle insurance will help pay for you and your family members’ medical bills, as well as any legal bills that you might be forced to pay if someone else gets in an accident involving your vehicle. Our policy here at SOGO is that it’s better to be prepared for anything that might happen, instead of trying to catch up after something happens.
  • It might be legally required: Some states require recreational vehicles to have some type of insurance. You will have to research your own state’s laws for yourself. If your state requires that you have insurance, then you will have more research on your plate. However, don’t strictly think of it as a requirement. Ever if you aren’t legally required to have recreational vehicle insurance, you should seriously consider acquiring some kind of insurance.

As always, we want to make sure that you find the right recreational vehicle insurance for you and your family. Here are the questions for your insurance company that will help you meet this goal.

  • Am I legally required to have insurance? A law shouldn’t be the only reason that you re quire insurance. However, you need to know the answer to this question. Your state might actually require you to have a specific type of amount of recreational vehicle insurance.
  • What types of vehicles are covered under my policy?Your current insurance company may only cover certain types of brands of recreational insurance. Make sure that you ask them if all of your family’s vehicles will be covered. Also, ask if it’s possible to bundle vehicles.
  • How much coverage do I have?You need to make sure that you have enough insurance to cover any type of accident that may occur to your recreational vehicles, including weather damage, collisions accidents, theft, etc. Also, make sure that your insurance will include coverage for medical and legal bills.
  • Are there any restriction on my policy? Some insurance companies might not cover your recreational vehicles after so many miles or years. Also, people who are in areas that are prone to certain weather disasters will not cover that type of damage. Make sure that you know what is and isn’t covered by your insurance.
  • What discounts are available to me?If possible, bundle your recreational insurance with another type of insurance. Most insurance companies give discounts for bundling. Other discounts are specific to the company that you choose. Don’t be afraid to ask how you can save money on your recreational vehicle insurance.
  • What is the claims process?As always, it’s impossible to know your insurance companies’ claims process. You need to know who to call, when to call, and how long the process will take. Keep phone numbers and other important insurance information in an easy to find place.
  • The professionals at SOGO have only one goal. We want to help you acquire the right insurance for you and your family. Be sure to call us if you have any more questions about your existing policies, or if you need to find a new insurance company.