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Arranging a Buy-Sell Agreement Made Easy with SOGO

Why You Might Need To Consider a Buy-Sell Agreement SOGO Wealth and Risk Management San Antonio Texas

SOGO Wealth & Risk Management not only helps you plan for your company’s future, but also assists in preparing for the worst to happen. In the case that a co-owner of a business passes away or is no longer able to run or take ownership of part of the operation, a buy-sell agreement can provide a solution.


For companies with more than one owner, SOGO Wealth & Risk Management offers an essential service. We help you plan for what happens when a co-owner dies, ensuring that partners, shareholders, colleagues, and employees are happy with the result.


How We Plan a Buy-Sell Agreement


The process begins by considering the three main parties in this agreement. These include you, your heirs, and the surviving owners. Your heirs will be given the opportunity to sell off your shares or stake in the business for a fair price – and thanks to the nature of the agreement, this can also bypass some delays that are usually associated with probate matters.


With regard to surviving owners, we will help you arrange a plan that ensures surviving owners do not have to worry about any new or even unwanted partners. Surviving owners will also be made aware of the purchase price before the deal is made, and given the chance to stay in good standing with all creditors and clients.


We go through all possibilities to ensure that the transition of ownership of the business is simple and smooth, and that the family, creditors, owners and all other people connected to the business are satisfied well beforehand.


We’ll Introduce You to All Plans


There are multiple buy-sell agreement options available, including:


  • Wait and See Plan
  • Stock Redemption Plan
  • Entity Plan
  • Cross Purchase Plan


Our friendly and expert team will introduce you to how all these plans work, and help you choose the one that best suits your business.

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