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Bad Weather, Lightning

When bad weather approaches, it is important to have a plan ready for you and your family. The checklist below includes the top five things to keep in mind when preparing for inclement weather:

  1. Have an emergency kit ready.
    While everyone’s choices on what should be included in the kit may vary, there are quite a few essentials. For instance: water jugs, flashlights, cash, a portable radio, first-aid supplies, batteries, medications, and important documents.
  2. Have a practical plan ready to go.
    Before bad weather approaches, make sure to have a plan ready for you and your loved ones. You should include where you will meet, discuss where the emergency kit is and what you want to bring with you, and establish a method of communication.
  3. Have a safe location in mind.
    There are a couple of things to keep in mind when searching for the safest location. The first choice is a basement or a bunker. However, if neither locations are an option, consider a room without windows or a room closest to the center of your house.
  4. Have contact information nearby.
    When bad weather approaches, it is best to have the numbers and address to people nearby. Have contact information nearby so that you know who to reach out to in case of an emergency. Keep a note of nearby neighbors, shelters, hospitals or police stations.
  5. Have your backyard and greenery well-maintained.
    Though it may seem odd to have to make sure your backyard and greenery are maintained, it may just end up protecting you from further harm. Making sure the trees, bushes, and vines are trimmed and kept tidy, ensures that none of that will fall on top of your home or hit any of your belongings.

Preparing for inclement weather, is not fun. In fact, it is scary and stressful. However, the SOGO Wealth and Risk Management team has your back! Once you are fully prepared, it is important to find out what your insurance covers in case of an emergency or damage caused by bad weather. After completing the above checklist, contact us to discuss homeowners insurance and auto insurance.  Give us a call at (210) 499-5050 or email us at info@sogowrm.com.

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