From Start-Up to Transition - Your Business is Covered

Whether you are just starting up or you are preparing an exit strategy for your business, SOGO has business wealth management & risk management experts who can help you seamlessly transition into the next level in your business. We offer a variety of business insurance  and employee benefit group health options to meet your needs. With the help of our experts,  you can stay focused on reaching your business goals and we’ll help you handle the rest.

Business Wealth Management & Risk Management Services

To help you better understand how we can walk along side of you, determine where you are in your business journey and what your goals are. Our team understands that every business has unique needs and we are committed to providing you with the insight you need to make the right decision for your future. Consider the following:

  1. Are you in the business startup phase? In this phase, you’ll be looking for services such as business insurance, property insurance, general liability, professional liability, commercial auto, cyber liability, umbrella, and risk management.
  2. Are you in the employee growth phase? In this phase, you’ll be looking for services such as workers compensation, PEO, practices liability, group health insurance, employee benefits, employee benefits liability, fiduciary responsibility, payroll services, and key person insurance.
  3. Are you in the asset protection phase of your business? In this phase, you’ll be looking for services such as risk management, overhead expense policy, buy/sell planning, executive bonus plans, family business planning, key person insurance, business retirement planning, and split dollar insurance.
  4. Are you in the exit strategy planning phase? In this phase of business, you’ll be looking for services such as risk management as well as buy/sell agreements.

Wherever it is you find yourself, allow us to walk alongside you as trusted advisors in your business. If you are in San Antonio or surrounding areas, contact our office today to get started.