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Five Unknown Benefits of Renters Insurance


You should always make sure that you are protected whenever you move into a new place. If you have renters insurance, your personal belongings may be covered from possible scenarios such as fire, smoke, theft or vandalism. This type of coverage might also be required from your landlord or apartment complex.

While there are many reasons to get this type of policy, we composed a list of five unknown benefits of renters insurance:

  1. Furry friends:
    If you have a dog living with you, you might be able to get extra coverage. Some insurance providers offer dog bites in their renters insurance policies. If you know that your dog can be aggressive or prone to biting, you should discuss this option with your provider.
  2. Living options:
    If your apartment is engulfed in flames, hit by a tornado or damaged by a natural disaster; renters insurance has your back. If provided in your coverage, renters insurance would reimburse you if you have to stay at a hotel or another apartment.
  3. Medical bills:
    If your friends come over for a party and someone happens to get injured, renters insurance can cover their medical bills up to the policy’s limit.
  4. Your belongings:
    If you listed items on your renters insurance, you might be covered if those items get stolen from somewhere other than your rental property.
  5. Protects accidents:
    Accidents happen. Thankfully, renters insurance can help you out. For instance, if you are riding a bike and hit your neighbor’s parked car, this coverage may be able to pay for damages and anyone that may have suffered.

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