International Travel Insurance

Whether you are traveling for business or leisure it’s important to have piece of mind knowing that you are protected in case the unexpected happens.

Travel Insurance

Insures the financial investment you have made for your trip should a variety of unforeseeable reasons force you to cancel or interrupt your trip. Typically it also covers such things as the cost of your lost baggage, damage or destruction of your personal belongings, and cancelled flights.

If you are traveling abroad and experience health problems and need medical attention it’s important to be protected. Most domestic medical insurance programs do not provide adequate coverage outside of the United States.

Travel Medical Insurance

International Travel Insurance can provide reimbursement of the costs incurred during your trip for medical expenses, a medical evacuation, services to assist you in an emergency situation and gaps in coverage provided by domestic health insurance policies.

No matter where you are traveling to we can provide international travel insurance. Our competitive rates, high quality coverage, and customizable insurance policies ensure you have the proper protection before you leave the country.

Here at SOGO our goal is to provide you with the best protection for your international trip so that you can enjoy yourself. Call us today to and speak to one of our specialists at 210-499-5050.