Flood Insurance Coverage in San Antonio

Since standard home insurance doesn’t cover flooding, it’s important to have protection from floods associated with hurricanes, tropical storms, heavy rains and other conditions that can impact your home or business even if you are located in a low risk area for flooding.

The fact is every building is exposed to some form of flood risk. A burst pipe, uncontrolled overflow, even a blocked drain can lead to thousands of dollars of damage to your home or business.

Standard Flood Insurance Policies

If you live in a community that participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), your home or building and its contents can be covered by a standard flood insurance policy. To be considered a flood, the waters must cover at least two acres or affect at least two properties. Flood Coverage Insurance covers flood damage to your property’s structure, heating, air conditioning, and electrical, systems and even your personal property. It is separate from standard insurance, which covers a variety of other damages and situations, including if a pipe bursts and water soaks your home.

While you aren’t required to purchase a flood insurance policy keep in mind that just because the area where you live or where your business is located has never been flooded doesn’t mean it can never happen.

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