Life Insurance

Finding the future for your loved ones.

Life insurance protects your beneficiaries, giving them the resources to fund their future when you pass on.  The money can be used in any way; often paying for your funeral and other related expenses, making up for your lost income, funding a child’s education, or paying off household debt.

We offer a full spectrum of life insurance products, with access to a large selection of highly rated carriers, broad selection of markets, and unmatched sales support and expertise in all transactions. As an independent broker, SOGO has access to one of the deepest product portfolios on the market, as well as unmatched sales support and expertise to make your income work hard for you.

LIFE INSURANCE EXPERTISE: Term Life, Whole Life, Universal Life,  Long Term Care, Individual Health, Medicare Supplement Programs, Disability Income, Income Tax Reduction Strategies, Tax Deferred Annuities, Key Employee, Buy/Sell Insurance, Business Succession Planning, Estate Preservation, Financial Needs Analysis, Portfolio/Insurance Review, International Life, and International Health.

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